Welcome to U.S. Friends of Gladstone's Library, Inc

Welcome to U.S. Friends of Gladstone's Library, Inc

U.S. Friends of Gladstone's Library, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt organization (recognized by the US Internal Revenue Service) and a sister organization to Gladstone's Library with whom it shares significant interests in supporting education, historical research and the protection of historical material worldwide.

The Board of U.S Friends of Gladstone's Library, Inc. has determined that it wishes to support the expansion of Gladstone's Library through the Gladstone 200 Campaign so that the Library can maintain and enhance its tradition as a world-renowned research facility and as Britain's only Prime Ministerial library, providing worldwide access to vital historical materials similar to those available in US Presidential libraries.

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In compliance with IRS regulations, the Board of Directors of U.S. Friends of Gladstone's Library, Inc. maintains complete discretion over gifts to the Library.

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Directors and Officers of U.S. Friends of Gladstone's Library, Inc.

Acting President: Jane T Brady (Pemberton, NJ)

Secretary/Director: Peter B Francis (Hawarden, Wales)

Treasurer: Annette Lewis (Hawarden, Wales)

Directors: Shirley Leggett (Mount Olive, NC)

                 Peter W Peters (Rochester, NY)

                 John N Blackwell (Mount Olive, NC)

                 Greg Garrett (Austin, TX)

                 Fritz West (Marine on St. Croix, MN)

                 Jean M Denton (Indianapolis, IN)

                 Martha Watson (Columbia, MD)




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Greg Garrett to Appear on BBC Scotland

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Friday, 1st August 2014

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